101 in 1001

It is basically my ultimate to do list and my bucket list. The goal is to complete 101 tasks in 1001 days. Many people in the blogging community are using them today. Check out my friends’ blogs (Trust Fund Broke & Wine and Misadventures) who have started their own 101 in 1001 days lists!

End Date: April 30th, 2019


( 1 / 21)

  1. Save money
  2. Buy something big and “adult-like” (like a car, first house, etc.)
  3. Get my license
  4. Learn a new recipe from one of Mom’s cookbooks
  5. Buy something from Kate Spade
  6. Buy something from Sephora  DONE! (July/August 2018) 
  7. Buy a piece of jewelry for myself ( Pandora charms for your bracelet don’t count)
  8. Pay off my student debt (or slowly start paying it off if I’m still in school)
  9. Get professional family pictures done
  10. Get professional pictures of myself done
  11. Take my family out for dinner and pay for it.
  12. Do something that’s out of my comfort zone
  13. Stop biting my nails
  14. Write a letter to myself to open on my 30th birthday
  15. Learn how to properly walk in high heels
  16. Buy shoes that can be worn with jeggings that aren’t flats.
  17. Go one to two months without shopping
  18. De clutter and throw out things I don’t need anymore
  19. Pay off VISA
  20. Get a big girl job that’s full time
  21. Meet Justin Trudeau, while he’s still Prime Minister.


( 1/13)

  1. Get a job in the nonprofit sector doing events and social media
  2. Get a job in student life/residence life
  3. Get a PR or Advertising and Marketing job working with Walt Disney World
  4. Buy professional clothing
  5. Get business cards
  6. Learn better time management skills
  7. Buy a professional looking planner
  8. Update resume and cover letter  DONE! (May 2018)
  9. Do three professional development courses/workshops ( __/3)
  10. Try out a position in the field of Public Relations that I want to gain more skills in (Crisis Communications, Media Relations, Social Media, Nonprofit)
  11. Get my Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training ( ASIST) certificate
  12. Take a safeTalk certificate program again
  13. Take a certificate course from the Canadians Red Cross that isn’t Standard First Aid and CPR


( ___/15)

  1. For a month, drink 8 glasses of water a day
  2. Go to a spa for a day
  3. Loose weight
  4. Learn more about my chakras
  5. Balance my chakras
  6. Learn rekiki
  7. Start  meditating
  8. Work on my mental health
  9. Try out yoga
  10. Research and try out alternatives to ADHD medications
  11. Don’t eat McDonalds for two months!  (Haven’t eaten any since the end of April 2017!!) Need to work on this again, UberEats is super addicting! 
  12. Go to the gym twice a week
  13. Start a workout routine using Jillian Michaels DVDs
  14. Cut down on my sugar intake
  15. Find new treatments for acne

Blog & Writing

( ___ /7)

  1. Read all the books that I buy and say I have time to read ( __/15)
  2. Read 5 books that I wouldn’t usually read that were recommended to me by a friend ( ___ /5)
  3. Write a blog post that is outside of my comfort zone
  4. Make sure to write at least one to two blog posts a week
  5. Try writing one blog post every day
  6. Collaborate with someone on a writing piece
  7. Write about my experiences with ADHD


( 2/27)

  1. Go back to England, France and Italy
  2. Go to Spain
  3. Go to The Netherlands
  4. Go to Germany
  5. Go to Switzerland
  6. Go to Poland
  7.  Go to Ukraine
  8. Go to Greece
  9. Go to Austria
  10. Go to Sweden
  11. Go to Norway
  12. Go to Belgium
  13. Go to Iceland
  14. Go to Finland
  15. Go to Denmark
  16. Go to Ireland
  17. Go to Scotland
  18. Go to Australia
  19. Go to New Zealand
  20. Go to Disney DONE! (February/March 2018)
  21. See the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Orlando  DONE (February/March 2018)
  22. Do the Warner Bros. Studio Tour for Harry Potter in London, England
  23. See the rest of the Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba,  Saskatchewan)
  24. Spend 2 days or more in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and PEI.
  25. Experience more of northern Ontario (mainly Sudbury and Thunder Bay)
  26. See all the countries that have held at least one Winter or Summer Olympic Games
  27. Go to all 55 states in the USA



  1. Complete my Public Relations diploma (April 2017)
  2. Apply to UOIT for their Communications and Digital Media Studies program
  3. Complete a diploma in Event Management
  4. Graduate with honours
  5. Graduate with a 3.0 GPA or higher
  6. Achieve a 3.0 for one semester DONE! (January/February 2018)
  7. Become bilingual
  8. Learn sign language
  9. Take an online class DONE! (Currently taking an online class in entrepreneurship) 
  10. Achieve a 4.0 in each class for one semester


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